Everything you need to know about Stevia Calories - Stevia - Sweetening without calories?

Stevia has become firmly established as a sugar substitute in recent years. The small subtropical plant Stevia rebaudiana is of particular interest to people suffering from diabetes or who want to lose weight.

Today, consumers are increasingly choosing healthier sugar substitutes instead of sugar. Stevia products in particular are among the sugar alternatives that can be used to sweeten food and drinks. They have significantly fewer or no calories than sugar. Those who want to sweeten without remorse will not be disappointed by Stevia, the healthy alternative to sugar.

Stevia is not only sweeter, but also lower in calories and can be used in a variety of ways as a sweetener. Learn more about the calories of Stevia and its uses here:

Stevia, no calories and still sweet?

The sweet herb "Stevia rebaudiana" has been used in South America for hundreds of years. The sweet plant is about 400 times sweeter than sugar and has no calories. It counteracts the development of caries, has an antioxidant effect and is popular with diabetics.

Stevia - Sweetening without calories - Stevia sweetener tablets.

The water-soluble stevioglycosides, rebaudioside A and steviosides are naturally formed in the leaves of the Stevia plant.

These ingredients offer the consumer many advantages:

  • They are calorie-free
  • Have enormous sweetening power
  • The consumption is very low
  • Steviol glycosides can be heated over 200 degrees
  • Can be used in many ways for sweetening
Stevia liquid sweetener without sugar – Steviapura
The innovative sweeteners without sugar - Steviapura
Zero calories, sweeter than sugar: the sweet herb Stevia

Not all Stevia is the same

The term Stevia products does not necessarily refer to pure Stevia and may possibly also be a mixture.

Watch out! Many Stevia products are sometimes mixed with other types of sugar and are therefore high in calories! The reason for adding these sugars is to use low quality Stevia raw materials at low cost to mask the Stevia taste. High quality Stevia raw materials are not cheap and have a pleasant taste profile.

When buying Stevia products, it is therefore important to pay attention to the number of calories they contain. There are Stevia sweeteners that are high in calories. If a low quality of Stevia extract is used as a sweetener, the product will have a distinctive Stevia taste. To mask this Stevia taste, which some consumers do not like, classic industrial sugar is added to these products. Many Stevia products on the market have been cheaply processed and also contain artificial flavourings. These Stevia products are therefore unfortunately very high in calories and not very healthy.

With Stevia, you sweeten naturally without calories.

With Stevia, you sweeten naturally without calories.

The quality of the Stevia raw materials used has a decisive influence on the taste. Uncompromising quality in the selection of Stevia ingredients are the basis of our high-quality Steviapura natural sugar substitute products and sweeteners, free from artificial additives and 100% vegan.

Are you curious and would like to try Stevia?

In the Steviapura online shop you will find a fine selection of high-quality Stevia products.

Stevia liquid sweetener: for baking, cooking and sweetening hot and cold drinks, 1-2 drops are equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.

Stevia sweetener tablets: 1 sweetener tablet equals one teaspoon of sugar. Perfect for sweetening coffee, tea and hot drinks.   

Stevia sprinkle sweetener: sweetener erythritol and Stevia mixture, can be used 1:1 like sugar for sweetening.

100% pure Stevia powder/extract: Universally usable in the kitchen for sweetening, baking and cooking. Sugar substitute very productive and with very high sweetening power.

Erythritol: A natural sugar-free sweetener. This calorie-free sugar substitute is vegan and tooth-friendly. The sugar alternative for cooking and baking.

Stevia leaves: They are used as a natural sweetener and as a flavouring ingredient in tea drinks and tea blends.