Social and corporate responsibility at the Stevia Group

As an international consumer goods and retail company, STEVIA GROUP takes responsibility for people and the environment.

Giving back to the environment, treating people with respect and dignity. Offering the best Stevia raw materials in the world. These are our guiding principles that we believe in and put into practice every day. At Stevia Group, social responsibility permeates all areas of our business.

The commitment we have made to conduct our business in a socially responsible manner includes sustainable Stevia cultivation and environmental protection. Fair and equitable trade that provides a good life for farmers and their families is an essential part of what we do.

Social and community responsibility
Sustainability through social commitment

Responsible Stevia production

Our connection with Stevia growers: delivering quality Stevia means much more than just selecting the best raw materials available on the market. Stevia Group strongly believes in building mutually beneficial relationships with Stevia farmers. The success of the farmers we trade with is integral to our own success.

Paying fair prices to help Stevia farmers make a profit to support their families. But also, so that the farmers can invest in their plantation and their future success.

Social and corporate responsibility | Stevia Group
Social and societal responsibility: Respect nature!

Thinking in the long term

We assume social responsibility

As a company, we take active measures to have a positive impact on society. With a focus on social and societal responsibility, with targeted measures for environmental and climate protection and for the promotion and support of our employees.

Our long-term goal is to further expand our sustainable corporate governance so that we can continue to fulfil our social responsibility in the future.

We live up to our high standards of social responsibility by strengthening sustainable corporate governance.

Since our founding in 2009, we have defined criteria that guide our sustainable actions. This includes the areas of community, environment and workplace. We are committed to environmental and climate protection and to reducing CO2 emissions.

Social and societal responsibility: Respect and protect animals!
Social and societal responsibility: protecting every living being.

As an employer, we focus on value-oriented actions such as diversity and equal opportunities.

Environmental protection and nature conservation are important to Stevia Group. The Stevia Group Environmental Mission Statement commits to environmental protection in all areas of the company.

This mission includes:

  • Responsibility towards our environment
  • Developing innovative solutions to bring about improvements and conserve the environment and resources.
  • Buying, using and trading only environmentally friendly products.
  • Communicating the links between the environment and economic success.
  • To involve all partners in environmental protection.
  • Measures that lead to waste avoidance.
  • By recycling, we preserve and conserve the earth's sources of raw materials and thus increase the quality of life for all people on our planet.

Examples from our company:

To protect forests, we have significantly reduced paper consumption within the company. Stevia Group only uses web-fax, which specifically means that we do not use any paper, as incoming faxes are not printed out but immediately digitised as a PDF document.

  • Further advantages for the environment:
  • No consumption of toner and the disposal.
  • No paper consumption and disposal.
  • No disposal of electrical equipment.
  • Low power consumption.

We ship CO² Neutral

Stevia Group shipping is carried out under CO2 neutral conditions by our logistics service provider DHL. This way we make an additional contribution to the protection of our environment.

We ship CO² Neutral with DHL
Shipping with CO2 neutral conditions. In this way, we contribute to the protection of our environment.

We drive with LPG!

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), it burns more environmentally friendly than petrol. Even taking into account the principle-related additional consumption, the pollutant emissions

  • of nitrogen oxides about 20 % of petrol combustion
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by about 15%
  • and unburned hydrocarbons by 50%

Please support the global climate protection commitment of the Stevia Group by using our download offer on the internet. This way we use less paper and this protects our forests and nature.

Stevia Group: We take responsibility for our customers, our environment, our children and our society.

Stevia Group: We bear responsibility!

For our customers, our environment, our children, for all of us.

International Union for Conservation of Nature