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Terra Natura Biodent Toothpaste without Fluoride

Biodent Terra Natura toothpastes are fluoride-free and offer reliable protection for your teeth, gums and fresh breath even without fluoride.

The highly effective fluoride-free formula and exclusive composition of active ingredients based on natural ingredients protects the teeth. With regular use, it works against caries, plaque, tartar and prevents gum problems with anti-inflammatory organic chamomile. Camomile extracts support a healthy oral flora and can have a calming, anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

The Biodent Basics toothpaste is also homeopathy compatible. With us, you will find a dental care product that suits you: toothpaste without fluoride.

Natural cosmetics toothpaste fluoride-free

With exclusive active ingredient compositions and natural ingredients, Biodent natural cosmetics research has developed highly effective formulas that cover all dental and oral hygiene needs:

Biodent toothpastes offer all-round protection for your teeth - without fluorides.

The 1st Stevia toothpaste produced according to BDIH criteria without sorbitol! Biodent Terra Natura toothpastes bear the BDIH certificate for controlled natural cosmetics.

dermatest® Medical Research Company / Certificate 2007: for Biodent BasicS and Vital: dermatologically and allergologically tested (not on animals), rated very good.

Terra Natura Flouride-free Toothpaste | Organic Active Plant Ingredients | Certified Natural Cosmetics for Natural Dental Care

  • Gently removes plaque

  • Protects against caries

  • Protects against tartar build-up

  • Protects against gum problems

  • Provides fresh breath

  • Without paraffin

  • Without mineral oil

  • 100% silicone free

  • Without microplastics

  • Without synthetic preservatives

  • Without fluorides

  • Without artificial sweeteners

  • Organic quality

  • Vegan

Cleans teeth and protects them from plaque


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