100% natural, dried, cut, ground (sweet leaf herb, Stevia rebaudiana).

Stevia leaves without additives! Enjoy the sweetness of natural origin.

Pure Stevia leaves that have been dried serve as a natural sweetener for tea and liquids. Stevia naturally has considerable sweetening power, which is far stronger than that of sugar. This natural sugar substitute is extremely productive, as only a small amount (3-5%) is needed for sweetening. It is particularly suitable for tea and other drinks, but can also be used to decorate pastries, desserts or sweet dishes. This is an excellent alternative to refined sugar or artificial sweeteners!

The positive aspects of our Stevia leaves at a glance:

  • 100% natural, without any additives

  • Obtained from the whole leaves of the Stevia plant

  • Can be used as a natural sweetener and alternative to sugar

  • Extremely economical to use

  • Versatile in use

Stevia leaves - the natural alternative to sugar

The strong sweetening power of this plant is due to its high concentration of Steviol Glycosides. Steviol Glycosides, also known as Steviosides, are natural sweeteners found exclusively in the leaves of the Stevia plant. Probably the most commonly used Steviol Glycoside is Rebaudioside-A. The safety of these plant components has now been confirmed in numerous studies.

Interesting facts about the Stevia herb

Originally, the Stevia plant (also called sweet herb) comes from South America and has been used as a sweetener in Central America for thousands of years. In Paraguay and Brazil, it is called "caa-hee", which means "honey leaf". In our latitudes, it is also known as sweet herb or honey herb. In Japan, where Stevia has long been used as a food for sweetening, it has reached a 40% market share within a few years. In the EU, Stevia and Stevia-based products received approval as sweeteners in 2011. Prior to this approval, the plant's ingredients were thoroughly studied in the EU over a period of 20 years. For those seeking a health-conscious diet, Stevia is a perfect alternative to sugar.

Cultivation, harvesting & processing of Stevia leaves

In our assortment you will find whole, dried and unprocessed Stevia leaves. The harvest time in the growing regions lasts from May to September. After the harvest, the leaves are thoroughly selected and analysed for potential residues such as heavy metals and pesticides. Afterwards, a gentle drying of the plant parts is carried out. Our Stevia leaves remain in their natural state, no additives are added.

Use of Stevia leaves

The leaves of the Stevia plant are excellent for sweetening teas and tea blends without sugar and giving them a pleasant natural sweetness. Cut Stevia leaves are lighter than water and therefore float to the surface in liquids. They are best used together with the tea leaves in a tea bag or tea strainer. The whole Stevia leaves can also be used in many ways, for example as a natural sweet ingredient in baked goods, desserts or other sweet dishes.

You can get the Stevia leaves in different variations, whole, cut or Ground.



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