Micro Measuring Scoop - Mini Measuring Spoon for dosing Stevia extracts and powder

These tiny little micro dosing spoons are suitable for measuring and accurately dosing a variety of small quantities of powder, liquid or granules. Versatile, practical helper for use at home and not just in the kitchen. This small micro measuring spoon is ideal for taking powders and dosing very small quantities. With our micro measuring spoons, you no longer need a scale to accurately measure the right amount of powder mg. The micro measuring spoons are ideal for the exact dosing of very small quantities, as these cannot be measured on standard kitchen scales.

Micro Measuring Scoop for universal use

The small micro measuring spoon makes it easy to remove materials from cans and bottles without touching your fingers. This saves time and effort and keeps your hands clean.

Application Examples:

These Micro Measuring Scoops can be used in many areas and are used for measuring small or powdery quantities.


Practical helper for the home and versatile in the kitchen. This small micro measuring spoon is suitable for measuring and dispensing spices, fruit powder, plant powder and extracts.

Stevia Extracts

The 0.10 ml mini measuring spoon is ideal for dosing highly concentrated Stevia extracts or Stevia powder. This mini measuring spoon makes it very easy to dose Stevia sweetener - for recipes with ml specifications. If you work with different Stevia sweeteners and/or according to weight specifications, you should create a small table for the weight of the respective ingredient per 0.10 ml volume.

Sports | Gym

The tiny micro dosing spoons are ideal for dosing powders and food supplements.

Aquarists & Shrimp Farming

Mini measuring spoon, micro dosing spoon for food dosing | 0.10 ml

Measuring spoon for perfect dosing of various types of aquarium food and for dosing fish food.

The micro measuring spoon, mini dosing spoon for shrimp farming. Excellent for dosing powdered food. Facilitates the dosing of all types of powdered food such as Bacter AE, Shrimp Baby Food and Shirakura Chi Ebi, Mironekuton and more.

The mini dosing spoon is suitable for all types of powdered food and holds between 0.1 and 0.15 grams of powder, depending on the type and density of the powder.


The Micro Measuring Scoop is an ideal measuring tool and accessory for laboratory cosmetics. For making cosmetics at home and for taking out powder and measuring glitter powder.


Micro measuring spoons for pharmaceutical powders, medicines and in the laboratory. Measuring tools and accessories for the laboratory.


Micro Measuring Scoop suitable for school classrooms in chemistry, physics or biology laboratories.

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