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Organic Toothpaste: Biodent Without Fluoride | Toothpaste Without Fluoride

The Biodent terranatura toothpaste with stevia is free of fluorides, free of artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives.

The 1st Stevia toothpaste according to BDIH criteria produces without sorbitol! Biodent toothpastes carry the BDIH certificate for controlled natural cosmetics.

An active ingredient combination of stevia, myrrh, green tea and olive leaf extract for protection against tooth decay and periodontal disease as well as a healthy oral flora. The clove oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and the spearmint makes the toothpaste compatible with homeopathy since no menthol or peppermint is used.

The main ingredient in toothpaste without fluoride is the green mineral earth. The micro-fine earth particles gently remove plaque and deposits on the teeth. It has a neutralizing effect on acids due to its basic properties. The natural cleaning body of the Biodent toothpaste consist of chalk.

product benefits

natural complex of active ingredients without fluoride

free of synthetic fragrances, flavors and preservatives

without artificial sweeteners with stevia
without sorbitol
BDIH certified

The Biodent BasicS toothpaste is menthol-free and thus meets the requirements of classic homeopathy.

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