The steviapura® brand

We are constantly facing new challenges in a world that is developing dynamically, but also in a more complex way.

How do we enable people to eat healthier and more sustainably? How do we meet the increasing digitalisation and networking of our world? And how do we inspire employees and potential employees for our company?

A strong brand is the basis for mastering these challenges. Our brand is much more than a logo.

Our brand identifies what is in our products and solutions: the way we do things, our culture and what we stand for. The steviapura® brand is future-oriented - with over 10 years of history, character, personality and structure as well as distinctive products.

On our website, we invite you to get to know the steviapura® brand. What makes it tick and what it stands for. And how we live our brand promise: The future in natural sweeteners.

steviapura brand quality - Stevia sweetener tablets.

Our brand has distinctive qualities.

STEVIA GROUP believes in the future of healthy eating as a basic human need. We are shaping the future of these sweetener products around the world by contributing to their realisation and thus improving people's quality of life.

What we do - and how we do it

We are proactive and reliable. We offer our customers and business partners the widest possible variety of innovative sweeteners. Not only for applications in the food and beverage industry, but also for the end consumer with our natural sweeteners.

We make sweetening easier and thus contribute to improving people's quality of life.

The benefits for society

Our sweetener solutions enrich people's lives through conscious nutrition and by maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

steviapura - The innovative sweeteners without sugar
The steviapura brand

The future in sweeteners

The future of modern sweetening begins with us today. We are shaping the future worldwide with individual sweetening solutions by contributing to their realisation and thus improving people's quality of life.

We express our vision, our drive, our values and our aspirations in a concentrated and emotional form in our products.

Our guiding principle: The future in natural sweeteners.

Unmistakable | A brand makes its mark

The steviapura® trademark stands for a high recognition value and contributes to the uniqueness of our brand. The design is modern and can be used globally in a variety of media.

The future in sweeteners: The steviapura brand

steviapura® - The future in natural sweeteners

steviapura - Stevia liquid sweetener without sugar

steviapura® identify products with convenient and easy handling.

The products stand for highest quality. with convenient and easy handling. Behind this is the attitude of a responsible family business.

Consistently high product quality with easy handling and high reliability and, last but not least, excellent service: customer-oriented, competent and responsive.

We consistently implement these values in all our products and business areas. That is our claim on which you can rely. 

Brand awareness

Since 2009, steviapura® has managed over time to become a brand that people trust in their daily use.

End consumers and retailers place great trust in us and have made us a leading supplier of natural sweeteners.

The innovative family-owned company from Cologne underlines its consistent, successful brand management with high quality standards and fast and reliable service.