Measuring spoons - Mini measuring spoons for dosing stevia extracts and stevia powder

The mini measuring spoon 0.10 ml is ideal for dosing the highly concentrated stevia extracts or the stevia powder . This mini measuring spoon enables very easy dosing of stevia sweetener - for recipes with ml specifications. If you work with various stevia sweeteners and / or according to weight specifications, you should create a small table for the weight of the respective ingredient per 0.10 ml volume.

To clean, simply rinse the white plastic measuring spoon with warm water. The measuring spoon has a volume of 0.1 ml.
0.1 ml of pure stevia / steviol glycosides correspond to the weight of 0.05 g.

product features

Specification:   Stevia measuring spoon - measuring spoon - dosing aid

Material:         polypropylene

Quality:          food safe

Colour:              White

Volume:         0.10 ml

Length:              approx. 64 mm

Width:              approx. 10 mm

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